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An Exciting History Between Michael Jordan & Air Jordan Shoe

An Exciting History Between Michael Jordan & Air Jordan Shoe

If you are fond of sneakers, then it is unlikely you haven’t heard about Air Jordan. The most successful yet famous shoe in the world, Air Jordan itself, is a big name in the sports fashion industry. Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players of all time; they joined hands with Nike to launch this beautiful creation known as Air Jordan.

You might be surprised to know that shoes were just shoes back in the ’80s until Michael Jordan’s collaboration with Nike introduced an amazing shoe we called “Air Jordan,” which disrupted the entire sports industry. But how did it all start? What makes Air Jordan a famous shoe of all time? How did Michael Jordan collaborate with Nike?

Today’s blog post will answer all those questions you might be thinking about. So, let’s delve into the history of Air Jordan & Michael Jordan.

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Before going further, it is vital for you to understand the story of Michael Jordan. He is one of the top-notch American basketball players that dominated the sport from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s. He made his NBA debut at Chicago Stadium on Oct 26, 1984. During his career, he played fifteen seasons in the National Basketball Association, winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

His exceptional performance on the ground not only gets a popular fan following but also gets support from the opposite fence. He is known as a legend for his matches and the attractive style he always has on the ground.

He inspired millions of people to play basketball, including all of the generation’s best stars. His phenomenal ability, fierce competitiveness, and athlete moves made him recognized as one of history’s unbelievable players of all time. MJ (Michael Jordan) is a brand and a businessman that produces luxury, attractive, and high-end Jordans to date.

The Story Behind Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan’s

The year was 1984, and a rookie by the name of Michael Jordan was about to start his first season in the NBA (National Basketball Association). He was keen to sign with Adidas for an athlete endorsement deal, without knowing that his fate had decided something else for him.

Besides Adidas, the most famous sportswear brand of that time, there comes Nike, a brand predominantly known at the time for long-distance running shoes. Jordan was never interested in it, even hadn’t worn a single pair of Nike in his entire life.

But in this world, anything can be possible. Nike, recognizing the talent of this rookie, offered a far more lucrative deal as compared to top-notch brands like Adidas. However, still, Jordan wasn’t convinced to sign with Nike. Unless, one day, his parents forced him to go with the Nike brand, even if you don’t like it. And thus, Jordan signed with Nike and built a never-ending partnership.

But do you know who that person is who made all these things happen? Let’s know below.

How did The Collaboration Between Michael Jordan & Nike happen?

You might be thinking that it was because of Jordan’s parents who convinced him to lock the deal with Nike. But it wasn’t that smooth.

All credit goes to David Falk, Jordan’s agent, who wanted Jordan to go with Nike. When Falk finds that Jordan isn’t interested, he appeals to Jordan’s mother, Deloris. And thus, the rest is history. His father’s remarks, “You have to be a fool not to take it,” made an impact on Jordan’s decision, and he finally took the deal offered by Nike.

How Air Jordan’s Name Was Discovered?

At that time, Nike came out with a new technology called air soles which played a key role in getting a name for Michael Jordan’s shoes. His agent, while watching a match with Michael Jordan, suddenly stopped and stared at Michael, who was playing in the air to shoot the basketball, and thus, he discovered the name “Air Jordan.”

This was the first move towards making Jordan iconic sportswear worldwide. But how did it happen? Let’s discover.

Why is Air Jordan iconic?

It wasn’t the collaboration or Jordan’s name that made the Air Jordan iconic. Instead, the unusual thing that Jordan did at that time made this shoe incredibly famous. At that time, Jordan violated the NBA’s policy that says sneakers should match the jersey of the player. Therefore, the NBA fined $5000 for each match Jordan wore Air Jordan sneakers.

And surprisingly, Jordan never paid the fine. It was Nike who happily paid the fine, as the shoes started getting famous. This shoe became the must-have symbol of the late 80s and 90s, and it’s still a street staple today.

Michael Jordan’s violation raised the popularity of the shoes, while the design made them a great choice for the youth to wear something different. Thus, the Air Jordan becomes Iconic, and still, Nike produces these shoes.

The Consistent Journey of Air Jordan from 1985 to Present

When Nike signed the first deal, they expected to sell $3 million worth of Air Jordan. But do you know, the shoes went beyond the imagination of the entire brand team, and even Michael Jordan itself, when they got the statistics which were surpassing $125million+ within a year. From then till now, Jordan has made $1.3billion from his deal with Nike alone.

The consistent journey of Air Jordan, which started in 1985, has come to massive growth and popularity, with huge profits. Nike, with Jordan, made its way to the leading sports brand in today’s era.

Therefore, there is no wrong in saying that this partnership was worth it.

Overview of Air Jordan Series

Till now, there are plenty of Air Jordan introduced in the market from Nike. Some of the famous ones include

  • Air Jordan 1- Nike is still producing these shoes as it is iconic due to being banned in the 90s by NBA. It has a red, black and white color combination.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 1

  • Air Jordan II- This shoe carried a made-in-Italy tag and was constructed of premium Italian leather. The Nike was printed on the heel. However, the shoe never had a swoosh.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 2

  • Air Jordan III- released in January 1988, this shoe features the Jumpman logo for the first time. They also have an elephant skin pattern.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 3

  • Air Jordan IV-In 1989, these shoes were introduced in the market, featuring extra breathability through Mesh.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 4

  • Air Jordan V- Inspired by WWII Mustang fighter, these shoes come with a plastic piece that holds the lace tight.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 5

  • Air Jordan VI- The overall shape of this attractive shoe was designed after a German sports car. This shoe is also famous because of Jordan, who wear it for his first Bulls championship,

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 6

  • Air Jordan VII- Released in 1992, the AJ VII drew inspiration from West African tribal art and carried the bold lines on the midsole.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 7

  • Air Jordan VIII- This is one of the heaviest ever in the line of Air Jordan. It featured a splash of color along the heel, midsole, and outsole.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 8

  • Air Jordan IX- This Air Jordan features an exclusive design made with leather, netback, and mesh. In three of the four original colorways, you can observe a reflective sparkle.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 9

  • Air Jordan X- This timeless piece of Air Jordan was released in 1994 with a price tag of $125. Michael Jordan wore its “Chicago” colorway during the NBA match on Mar 19, 1995.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 10

  • Air Jordan XI- This innovative designed Air Jordan XI was released in 1995 and voted as the top shoe of all time.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 11

  • Air Jordan XII-The designer Tinker Hatfield launched this Air Jordan XII in 1996. The rich leather upper was stitched to resemble a rising sun, while faux reptile leather comprised the toe and accent overlays.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 12

  • Air Jordan XIII- This Air Jordan was released in 1997 with a price tag of $150. It was loaded with both performance and design elements. The most prominent feature of AJ XIII is the hologram on the upper, resembling the panther’s eye.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 13

  • Air Jordan XIV- This Jordan pair was introduced during the 1998 NBA finals and became the last shoe Michael Jordan wore as a Chicago Bull.

Air Jordan Retro 14 487471-701

  • Air Jordan XV- This shoe draws inspiration from the X-15 fighter jet, which set speed and altitude records through the 1960s.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 15

  • Air Jordan XVI- This is the first shoe launched 20’era. It was released in 2001 with a price tag of $160. It is designed with a lightweight mesh and includes full-length inner booty for sock-like comfort.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 16

  • Air Jordan XVII- This shoe was designed by Wilson Smith III and launched in 2002. It was the priciest Air Jordan ever produced at the time, with a suggested retail price of $200.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 17

  • Air Jordan XVIII- This shoe launched in 2003 was designed by top-notch designer Tate Kuerbis. This shoe was the 16th edition of MJ’s signature shoe.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 18

  • Air Jordan XIX- This shoe was released in 2004 with a price tag of $165, featuring lightweight, supportive Tech Flex material on the upper to create the lightest, most breathable shoe to date.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 19

  • Air Jordan XX- The Air Jordan XX was released in 2005 with a retail price of $175. This shoe integrated a midfoot support strap that offers a floating ankle leash and an impact distribution plate.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 20

  • Air Jordan XX1-The designer D’wayne Edwards drew his inspiration for this shoe from the Bently Continental GT coupe. It features a seamless diamond-quilted bootie, a clean upper, and a lower foot air grille. It was released in 2006 with an original price of $175.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 21

  • Air Jordan XX2– This exceptional shoe released in 2007 offers an exclusive design inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. Its triangular quilted pattern on the collar and a seamless bootie maximize comfort and breathability.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 22

  • Air Jordan XX3- Tinker Hatfield designed this top-performing shoe in 2008. They were made with environmentally friendly material to reduce waste. Also, it features a Jumpman logo on the left and 23 logos on the right side.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 23

  • Air Jordan 2009- As the name suggests, this Air Jordan was released in 2009 with a phylon lightweight foam midsole for impact absorption. It lends a unique look and allows you to feel freedom in every step.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 24

  • Air Jordan 2010- This Jordan 2010 features a unique style and brings you the highest quality that gives you an exceptional feel. This Air Jordan offers a clean toe and features a forefoot that is independent of the rest of the shoe.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 25

  • Air Jordan 2011- The Air Jordan 2011 comes with high-quality craftsmanship and never gets fades away with time. This shoe, released in 2011, features a distinctive perforated pattern on the upper, a dynamic fit system, and two mesh windows for breathability.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 26

  • Air Jordan 2012- This shoe is veteran designed and has an exceptional outlook that you can’t get from any other shoe.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 27

  • Air Jordan XX8- This XX8 Air Jordan, released in 2013, comes with a retail price of $250. This was the unveiling of the newest Air Jordan model and enabled the wearer to decide how to wear it.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 28

  • Air Jordan XX9- This Air Jordan was released in 2014 with a price tag of $225 and came with the premium elements of aesthetics and technology.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 29

  • Air Jordan XXX- This Air Jordan, released in 2016, features a flexible feel and lets you get an exceptional outlook. The upper is a soft and breathable mix of woven and knit materials.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 30

  • Air Jordan XXXI- At the beginning of the new decade of Air Jordan on-court performance shoes, this Air Jordan XXXI was released. The year 2016 was a remarkable year as this shoe was launched by the top-notch designer Tate Kuerbis.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 31

  • Air Jordan XXXII- This Air Jordan was released in 2017 with a price tag of $185. This shoe drew inspiration from the Air Jordan II. This shoe blends comfortability, performance, and flexibility.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 32

  • Air Jordan XXXIII- This specific Air Jordan blends style, form, and performance altogether. It was released on Oct 18, 2018, with a price tag of $175.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 33

  • Air Jordan XXXIV- This Air Joran, released on Sept 25, 2019, was originally designed by Tate Kuerbis. The Mj’s signature sneakers have been turning heads since their first hit.

Michael Jordan - Air Jordan 34

  • Air Jordan XXXV-This Air Jordan was released on the 17th of Oct 2020 in the “Center of Gravity” colorway with a retail price tag of $180. This Basketball shoe adds a first-ever Zoom Air cushioning system in both the forefoot and the heel, providing ultimate stability, responsiveness, and a propulsive feel.

  • Air Jordan XXXVI-This Air Jordan XXVI inspired by His Japanese Heritages was released in September 2021 at a price tag of $185. The shoe features an upper’s jacquard llenoweave that provides support to your foot.  

Wrapping Up :Air Jordan isn’t an ordinary shoe. Instead, they recall the golden era when Michael Jordan turns out to be a legend. After reading out the brief history between Michael Jordan and Air Jordan shoes, you will be clear now why these shoes are still popular.Apart from its history, today, Jordan Shoes come in a variety of styles and ranges that you can discover on our website. It was Nike who stood up, showed support to the rookie, and gifted the world an amazing pair of shoes that everyone needs to have.

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