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Rebel Jordan 1 Rebellionaire

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Rebellionaire” Simplifies the ‘Rebel for A Cause’ Nature of Michael Jordan

History Repeats Itself:

Michael Jordan is a rebel for a cause. He dared to have worn a banned sneaker by NBA back in his playing days in 1985, which created a legacy of Air Jordan 1 releases with subsequent colorways. The brand has now been established and adored  world over by the fans of Michael Jordan.

The actual history belongs to Air Jordan 1 Black/red colorway. Back in the 1980s, the dress code for athletes in NBA in footwear needed to be predominantly white. But that sneaker of MJ has a different colorway of black/red, deviating from the rules set by the league. The iconic bred colorway only shows white color on the midsole, so the NBA banned it from the court with heavy fines imposed on Jordan whenever he stepped with them.


The Air Jordan 1s gives MJ a rebellious appeal among the fans showed him wearing the red/black AJ 1 Colorways with cross marks on the sneakers at the finish of the now-famous ad of 1985. Nike sees it as a blessing in disguise, or moreover, a marketing tool to promote Air Jordan 1 OG High. It took the matter on its hands by paying the fine of $5000 for Michael Jordan each time he played wearing it. Air Jordan Brand portfolio defy the odds with one billion worth. It officially became an entity in 1998.

The marketing campaign of Nike leads to sales increment and establishes the Air Jordan 1 brand far and wide. We can see wacky color pops on basketball athletes on the court. Subsequently, the league has changed its sneakers and color patterns rules. All restrictions on sneakers colors have been waived off from 2018-19 season.

Discovering Air Jordan 1 High OG "Rebellionaire"

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire - 011

The basketball shoes now happen to be on release on March 19, 2022, following a rebel theme and popularized as Air Jordan 1 High OG “Rebellionaire” to continue the inheritance of last releases. The nostalgic effect it has on the history of Air Jordan is simply unmatchable.


Air Jordan 1 High OG ” Rebellionaire” features a shadow portion in the leather upper with lettering that says, ” They Can’t Stop You from Wearing Them.” It’s a throughout print that refers to the iconic advertisement of Michael Jordan back in 1985. Furthermore, the banned theme translates into Red Xs on the heel alongside the contrast of white midsole with Grey/Shadow outsole, giving it’s a desired outlook besides the Air Jordan logo completing the design ruggedly. 

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire


Colorway: Black/White-Particle Grey

Style #: 555088-036

Release Date: March 19, 2022

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire 001

Air Jordan 1 'Rebellionaire' Packaging:

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire - 01

Not only the shoes, but the box of AJ1 High ‘Rebellionaire’ is nothing short of following the legacy that AJ 1 OG fulfilled with time and again releases of famous sneakers. The box is artistically designed with a dark grey background with shiny jet-black lettering of “They Can’t Stop You from Wearing Them” written all over with a red X mark on top. The packaging gives an ambiance and variety that is comparable to none.

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire 0012

What Makes Michael Jordan, A Rebel:

Nike made MJ the brand ambassador of the Air Jordan brand by a sponsorship bargain that would provide Jordan with his own line of basketball shoes, yet the main run of Air Jordans was not yet prepared when his youngster season started in 1984. Meanwhile, Nike furnished Jordan with Air Ships, which turned into the principal shoes Jordan wore as a player and came in both the red-and-white shading plan as seen here and a dark and-red form.


The shoes caused some contention and provided Nike with a significant piece of exposure when – after Jordan had worn the dark and-red Air Ships in a preseason game – the NBA let Nike know that the shoes with that shading plan abused the association’s consistency of uniform condition. Nike made an Air Jordan 1 promotion crusade around the NBA’s declaration, saying: “The NBA tossed them out of the game. Luckily, the NBA can’t prevent you from wearing them.”


The NBA protested the dark and-red Air Ships since they needed whiter in them and didn’t match his colleagues’ shoes, so Jordan wore either the red-and-white Air Ships or the red-and-white Air Jordan 1s during his youngster season, making him the undisputed king of a rebel by nature. (Nike says the organization paid a $5,000 fine every time Jordan wore the dark and-red shoes).


A couple of Air Jordan 1s worn by Jordan during a 1985 presentation game in Italy – he broke the backboard on a dunk, the shoes actually had a shard of glass installed in the sole of the left shoe – held the past record for game-worn basketball shoes, selling for $615,000 in August 2020.

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Mileage of Air Jordan 1 High: Back Story

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire12332

The era of Air Jordan 1 started in 1985. The creative designer, Peter Moore, designed the shoes, initially released from 1985 to 1986. With the influx of Air Jordan 1 Models colorways crafted with care besides more variations in color, style and dynamics. This initiation set the stage in the 1980s, culminating in the retro era in 1994, which happens to be the retirement year for MJ. However, the shoe appeared again in 2001, with the outline of Jumpman branded mid-top. In 2008, the original high cut marks extended the followership and demand of the basketball shoes in and around the cultures and traditions of the basketball shoe era.

The Air Jordan 1 High consistently performed since then, capturing the fans’ imaginations in one way or another. It featured in 22/1 Collezione ‘Countdown Pack’, the Doernbecher freestyle series, and commemorated Jordan Hall of Fame induction in 2009.

Nowadays, its popularity is on a high, with Jordan Brand has seen the light of the day with Jordan1 Packaging in a retro box taking inspiration from the original 1985 design.

MJ game-worn Nikes Auction at Top Figure for a Pair of Basketball Sneakers:

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire1255

A record has been set straight in the history of basketball shoes when Michael Jordan’s game-worn sneakers sold at $ 1.472 million at auction. According to sources, Sotheby’s, the official auction handler, the pair of size 13 Air Ships are the most primary known pairs ever worn by Jordan as an NBA player. The game happens to be the fifth one for MJ on November 1, 1984, scoring 17 points for Chicago Bulls; however, the game resulted in a loss to Denver Nuggets.


The importance and value of any of MJ worn shoes cannot be undermined as auction collecting a whopping figure. Each and every Air Jordan 1 presents itself with outlasting appeal for fans of basketball, not only in US but in countries where the game is played.

About Tops and Bottoms:

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire12332as

Tops and Bottoms catch up with each new release of Jordan Sneakers covering the OG and Retros belonging to the never-ending phenomenon of athletic basketball shoes in the US. Without any second thoughts or guesses, Air Jordan 1 ” Rebellionaire” is set to release on March 19, 2022. Subsequently, the shoe will be up for grabs to consumers at Tops and Bottoms stores onwards.

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